Departments and Business functions

Business Functions is more exact name for Departments, because Utilities, Staff Dining (in some hotels), Mixed Ownership are rather function than separated department. However, these functions might have separate reporting.

Description of table fields is the following:

Pos field is for ordering purposes. Name is a Business Function name.

Code is structured short code of Business Function / Department. As a standard, every record of dictionary in software has code. Structure of this code corresponds to levels to the tree. At the root level of the tree there are four records. First two records are about departments or business functions of operating activities. And remain two records are for financial activities and investing activities.

Operating activities are broken down into Operated functions like Rooms, Food and Beverage, and Non-Operated functions like Administrative and General, Sales and Marketing.

Other columns reflect various useful properties of the departments/business functions:

IsGroup shows whether it is group or it is not group in the meaning that some other items can be children to this item.

Prop1 answers to the question if the group or department or business function is operated or non-operatied.

Prop2 reflects if the sub-department is related to management functions or non-management functions. It helps to show it in Payroll-related expenses report and Payroll expenses in operated reports.

Prop3 shows if the row is department, sub-department or record for grouping.

Prop4 is to identify if the department is main department like Rooms or F&B, or Other, or minor, or even optional like Marina.

Prop5 specifies if the business function or department is cost center like non-operated departments, or revenue center like Rooms, because it collect revenue for many other departments like laundry or baby club, or if this department is profit center like Health Club and Spa.