The differences of USALI book and mUSALI solution

Form of providing information Book

Interactive tool

And generation of Financial Guide

Departments / Business functions Not structured well
  • Structured Dictionary with properties,
  • Analytic dimension of Chart of Accounts
Employee Positions Not structured well Structured Dictionary, related to Department/Business functions.
Reports Flat representation as a table

Table of the reports.

Table of report lines with tree structure.

Reports and report lines have properties and detailed description

Chart of Accounts
  • Revenue and Expense Guides
  • Accounts are represented as a triad: Account-Department-Product
  • Accounts have flat structure
  • Complete Chart of Accounts, including Assets, Liabilities, Capital, Revenues and Expenses.
  • Chart of Accounts is represented as a tree table, based on Account and Analytical Dimensions.
  • Chart of Accounts includes Analytical Dimensions: Department/Business Units, Product.
  • Accounts of Chart of Accounts have properties (Debit/Credit, Single/multi-Departmental etc)
Link of Report Lines Accounts of Chart of Accounts None Link on the level of group of accounts, and accounts